There is simply no comparison to the feeling of being a new mother. From the first look into their eyes as they open, to hearing the first breath that they take, to watching them take their very first steps, a mother is there for every triumph, folly, and tear. A relationship that precious deserves the very best in life, and at BabyBox, we're here to make sure that the child that you hold close to your heart gets exactly that. From the top of the line in baby clothing, to toys that are both safe and engaging, to accessories that range from charming to stylish, we've got the perfect gift for both mother and child.

Shopping can be a challenge for new and expecting mothers, but with our prices and our wide range of gift ideas, we can help to make everything easier. From baby shower gifts, to gifts to denote special occasions like birthdays, baptisms, and other celebrations, we can provide both gifts for mum and gifts for baby at an affordable. We offer specialty, boutique products, and unusual and unique baby gifts, all hand selected with care by our staff, but we make sure to appeal to a wide range of budgets as well.

Baby Clothes, and Baby Shower Gifts Too

Every baby needs clothing to keep them warm, safe, and comfortable, but there's nothing to say that they can't look stylish and adorable as well. Our collection of baby clothing can provide the baby in your life with the perfect look, whether they're staying in or exploring the world.

Comfortable for both inner-wear and outer-wear, BabyBox's clothing looks great on

both male and female children. We carry a variety of stylish, yet functional clothing, including:

shorts, tights, dungarees, and pants as well, to keep their bottoms comfy and their diapers easy to change.

For the sophisticated baby, we offer designer options in onesies, ballet slippers, sheepskin

booties, and skirts that will make your baby the toast of the playground. We even carry warm and wooly clothing for the cold seasons, like our cute bear-themed hoodies, our mittens, our thermal booties, and so much more.

Fun Toys for Little Hands

Babies grow and learn through their love of exploration of the world around them. They pick things up, shake them, squeeze them, and chew on them to learn about how objects work, how their own hands work, and to pick up on details like colors, shapes, patterns, and different textures. Baby toys from BabyBox are perfect for growing minds and the hands that they guide, with safe and soft offerings that are cuddly to the touch, and fascinating to the imagination.

All of the toys that we offer are made with the highest standards of quality and care, and we routinely go through our selection to ensure that they stand up to the expectations and demands of new parents. They're also chosen for their durability, which means that even though they are for your baby, they may outlast his or her childhood. We carry an exciting collection of toys, including:

Hand-knitted stuffed toys.

Knitted and crocheted baby rattles.

Animal-themed toys.

Learning toys for children.

Our toys are designed to be safe and comfortable for the baby to hold, and come in a delightful array of colors that will keep them engaged. We help to put a little more character into playtime, whether it's with our animal-themed rattlers, or with our soft and comfy stuffed toys for night time.

Gifts from the Heart

Whether you're looking for personalized baby gifts for a Christening, or you'd like to browse our selection of baby presents for a big birthday, we offer a special line of customized gifts to let the important baby in your life know that you care. Our personalized gifts come exclusively from BabyBox, and include hand crotched toys, organic cotton outerwear, and personalized sterling silver bangles that can all make wonderful mementos of the most important days in their lives.

Our gifts are perfect for aunts, uncles, godmothers, godfathers, and family friends to give to important children in their family, extended or otherwise. At BabyBox, we also make sure that all of our presents are of the highest quality and standards possible. Our personalized presents last as long as the memories themselves.

Don't Forget Mother!

Motherhood is many things: Wonderful, beautiful, thrilling, and extremely exhausting. Between taking care of your new child, and minding the matters of your own life, being a new or expecting mother is no small task, especially if it's your first time. Why not relax, recharge, rejuvenate, and reward yourself with our collection of creams, bath soaks, oils, and salves?

BabyBox's line of facial sprays, bath oils, and beauty treatments like stretch mark oils can all give mothers a “stay at home vacation” that they can afford to take. From calming oils that can soothe tired and dry skin, to sprays which can provide some much needed relaxation to tense legs and feet that come from trying to keep up with your young crawler, we carry products that are perfect to help you retain the warm glow of motherhood.

Our products for mothers are tested and chosen for their high quality, their comfort, and their natural ingredients. We put the same amount of care into products for mothers as we do for their babies.

The Perfect Christening Gift

Looking for the ideal Christening gift for a boy or a girl? Browse through our extensive range of products, and you'll find the perfect choice of gift to mark such a special and important occasion in your family's life. BabyBox carries great gifts for godparents, and even provides wonderful gift ideas if you're left wondering what would be the right fit. Not only will the gifts be appreciated by both parents and child, but we provide commemorative, decorative boxes that can be treasured for years to come.

Customer Service

BabyBox loves new mothers and their children, which is why we offer excellent customer service that will take care of your needs. If you have a question, a concern, a comment, or a request, we'd love to get in touch with you and help in any way that we can. Just contact our customer service team today, and we'll work quickly to help you find the perfect product, get a return, or learn more about products we offer in our store. For new mothers, friends of the family, and more, BabyBox is the best name in the UK for gifts that babies, and their families, will love.


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